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All-in-one platform for digital communications at educational institutions

Inform, engage and alert your students and employees with bright templates fitted to any screen
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Workstories scenarios for education
Broadcast important information to personal devices in an engaging stories format
Use templates from university screens to be broadcasted on personal devices and keep everyone in the loop
Quickly send announcements and news to tablets, laptops, and smartphones to stay connected at all times
Streamline internal performances and events
Increase overall awareness and loyalty of the staff and students
Broadcast conferences and important announcements in real time
Analyse the efficiency and participation rates straight from the platform
Arrange your entrance
Add maps, schedule and important information at the entrance for better and faster navigation
Maintain the brand and image of the university by sharing the history and key achievements
Design interactive honor boards and other brand information
Gather feedback using interactive tablets and kiosks
Track the quality of services by conducting instant surveys at food courts or sport centers
Integration with university information systems
Build automated internal service centers of the university to reduce the load on the administrative staff (e.g. dean's office)
Print materials, QR codes
Create easy integrations with university servicesntrance for better and faster navigation
Workstories key advantages
Empower students and faculty memebers to interact within the educational institution and build a strong community
Proactive communications
Encourage visitors to explore exhibits, museums, libraries and other facilities and attract more attention
Digitalization of internal facilities
Get a simple and convenient tool for important announcements and conference streaming. Address the audience wherever it's locates
Events management
Keep your students and professors in the loop by displaying important data and updates, inclusing emergencies, in every corner of the university
Informed personnel
Customize the content for the broadcast and encompass all the internal communications on a single platform
Empower your corporate brand
Easy customizable templates to fit
any scenario
Keep your staff and students safe and well
Emergency updates
Social distance control
Mask tracking
Get your Guide on communications for education and empower your brand
All important education questions answered in our free presentation.
Workstories guide for education
All important education questions answered in our free presentation.
Workstories guide for education
Free presentation: Workstories guide for education
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