Release notes

Release notes #3

1. New subscription plans and additional features

We have developed separate plans for Workstories users on computers and smartphones and users of digital signage. Large companies (more than 500 employees using Workstories) will be able to get the product at a lower price thanks to the Business subscription plan. Options for digital signage and radio, as well as interactive screens, have been moved to a separate category for office teams.
You can find new prices on the site in the Prices section, as well as select and activate the necessary subscriptions and features on your platform by going to the Settings → Subscriptions section.

New subscription plans are avialable. Now users can choose options they want to use and buy them right away

2. Add multiple devices and send email with connection link

Now adding multiple employee devices to your platform has become even more convenient! In the Devices section, when you click the Add device button, you can select the Multiple option. This function allows you to enter (or paste from a spreadsheet) several device names and email addresses at once. The specified addresses will receive links to download the Corpstories player for any platform and unique connection links. After downloading the application, the employee can click on the link and their device will automatically configure and connect to the platform, and they will immediately see the assigned Stories (if available).
Also, tags and group options can be added to several devices or entire folders at once, which should significantly speed up the process of connecting new devices.
You can see how this feature works in our tutorial video on how to use it.

3. Improved preview

Following the improvement of the Stories archive in the last update, we have improved the work of the preview mechanism. The preview of new Stories that appears in the lower right corner of the screen now looks better. The image on the background is darkened, and the text became more readable and now does not become too small. The new preview design will now appear in the archive as well.

New preview has much more readable text

4. New features of the template designer

Now, when creating a template, you can add a button that opens the player settings or resets the connection. This feature can be useful for technicians changing Workstories settings or testing different types of devices.