Keep your team together while working remotely

Workstories allows you to achieve 100% reach and high employee engagement for remote and hybrid teams
Important news

Regular news digests

Before and After format

Leader messages

Event announcements and reports

Deliver news to employees first, show them in a convenient format and increase engagement

Informational messages, news and announcements

Create a template once and metrics will automatically update from data sheets or CRM

Schedule Stories to show in a suitable time

Motivate your team by showing KPIs in a concise and understandable format

Personalised metrics and KPIs

Leader messages in an engaging format

Steams of important events and meetings

Educational materials in one click away

Ability to stream video directly in Workstories app

Video messages, streams and training

Educational materials in visual and text formats

Knowledge assessment in tests

Export results in Excel format

Your employee training will be engaging and interesting

Interactive learning and tests

Regular employee surveys

Forms with open-ended questions

"Locker" template forces to choose an answer before proceeding further

Show surveys on top of all windows

Results export in Excel format

Surveys and forms, unskippable "Locker" template

Introduce new hirees to your employees

Demonstration of organisational structure in a visual way

Introduce new employees to peers and supervisors

Introduce corporate rules and values

Create Stories chains and quickly assign to new employees


Show alerts on top of all windows

Alert employees on important changes and meetings

Emergency and critical notifications

Show Stories to specific groups of employees (for example only in one office or town)

Critical alerting

Centralised admin panel

Create corporate stories, manage media plan, store content and analyse efficiency in one convenient place

Scheduled display time

Create your own timetable — corporate stories will never be late


Personalise your stories depending on the position or department of your colleagues

Dynamic pop-up format

Stories won't interfere with current tasks and will inform your team without having to visit external resources

Instant analytics

Statistics on views and clicks, results of surveys and tests - track team's engagement in real time

Communication through any screen

Corporate TV, desktops or mobile devices — Workstories will unite your team wherever it is located

Key features

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