Inform, engage and alert your staff and students with corporate Stories fitted to any screen

All-in-one platform for digital communications at educational institutions

Workstories scenarios for education
Keep staff and students updated
Duplicate information from public screens to personal devices and make sure everyone is in the loop
Send notifications and critical alerts to all devices in university or selected groups to inform everyone
Share schedule and send notifications when changes are made
Stream lectures, meetings and events
Increase employee and student awareness and loyalty
Broadcast events and important announcements live or recorded
Analyze the efficiency and content engagement rate with integrated analytics tools
Improve entrance spaces and halls
Add maps, schedule and important information at the entrance for better and faster navigation
Maintain the brand and image of the university by sharing the history and key achievements
Enhanced feedback and cross-communications
Design interactive honor boards and other brand information
Gather feedback using interactive tablets and kiosks
Track the quality of services by conducting instant surveys at food courts or sports centers
Integration with university information systems
Build automated internal service centers of the university to reduce the load on the administrative staff
Print papers, notes and certificates
Create easy integrations with university services
Key advantages
Empower students and faculty members to interact within the educational institution and build a strong community
Proactive communications
Encourage students and staff to explore the city - tell the latest news about performances and places around
Inform about local facilities
Get a simple and convenient tool for important announcements and conference streaming. Address the audience wherever it's located
Events management
Keep your students and professors in the loop by displaying important data and updates, including emergencies, in every corner of the university
Inform staff
Customize your broadcast and encompass all the internal communications on a single platform
Empower your brand
100% customizable templates for any scenario
Our client cases
Business school hall
The implementation of this project includes equipping information screens controlled by Workstories to display the schedule, information and online broadcasts of various events taking place within the walls of the school and beyond.
The video wall displays video from a large number of sources, including multi-window mode for the convenience of visitor notification.
Interactive kiosks in the halls significantly expand the capabilities of visitors.
Sign-up forms for events, easy navigation, feedback, announcements, news and special suggestions.
Portrait in the mirror and interactive library
When approaching the mirror, a ghostly silhouette appears from the depths of the dark glass. Famous writer greets the guests and talks about the estate and its memories.
The installation was carried out using a camera attached to the mirror from above. Thanks to Workstories software this system supports face recognition and tracking.
An interactive library where all books are translated into electronic format. Now visitors can literally "take" any book from the interactive shelf and read.
All content is managed by Workstories software. Library staff can launch, change and edit any content using a special workstation
Museum hall and gallery equipment
The high-resolution interactive display allows several visitors to view the full collection of the gallery at the same time.
In the hall of the main exhibition, "electronic labels" are installed, which allow to get extended information about each item.
Interactive tables with a wide viewing angle and high contrast allow guests to navigate the gallery and learn about exhibitions.
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