Automated onboarding

Automate the onboarding of new employees with Workstories.

When a new employee appears in the team, they must be explained all the processes, given access, introduced to colleagues, given important documents and told about the corporate culture. All this takes hours of your current employees time, which they otherwise could spend on work tasks.

Let employees mind their own business, and leave the routine to Workstories. Create onboarding Stories once and they will be automatically shown to every new employee. With Workstories you can:
  • highlight the main tasks and goals of the department
  • introduce colleagues
  • give links to the main documents
  • tell about important apps and how to access them

30 minutes to create an automated onboarding once = 5 hours of staff time savings for each onboarding

In addition, having all the information in one place, the new employee will quickly immerse themself in the processes, and, therefore, will begin to perform direct duties faster.

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