Engage and motivate your Remote Team – Workstories

Engage your Remote Workers

with Workstories for remote teams and field reps.

Build company culture
for field reps

Share stories with personalized news, goals and achievements on tablets and phones.

Show KPIs
on personal devices

Influence on employee with KPI & indicators showing business growth.

Share video messages
on screensaver mode

Stream master classes and other events to everyone at once.

Choose a template, add content, and select dept

This is a constructor for creating corporate Stories
with personalization by departments of your company.

Awesome Features

Integration with corporate staff management systems broadcasting current growth indicators, internal news and birthdays.

The rights differentiation for various user groups and regional representative offices with unlimited number of specialists.

Centralized content management on all devices including their different location.

Single platform for employee and customer news reporting.

Displaying information from external services, like weather, traffic jams, exchange rates.

The video content synchronization with other digital devices, for example, audio background and touch kiosks.

Pilot project launched within 1 day. 40 project layout templates available.

The content and audience data sending to external systems. Compatibility with traditional data visualization system or business analytics resources, for example, Microsoft Power BI or QlickView with open API.

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Constructor for creating corporate Stories with personalization by departments of your company.
Connect your employees to your business goals and values. Highlight the important and empower your corporate communications.


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