Workstories — an innovative internal communications platform.
Overview, main features and short intro

July 21, 2021
Introducing Workstories an innovative tool for internal communications

Overview, main features and a short intro
July 22, 2021
The world has turned upside down these past few years and the internal communications market is also experiencing changes.

Many companies are already adapting to the new era by reconsidering the channels they are using. Newer studies advise moving away from traditional communication tools and turning to more vibrant, interactive and engaging ones. Workstories is one of the options to look at.

Workstories is personalized corporate digital signage brought straight to the devices of your employees. It helps companies to inform, engage, motivate and unite their teams in a few clicks, whenever and wherever they are. The stream of content is broadcasted in a teaser "stories" format that's quick and easy to look through. It now takes seconds to catch the most important corporate news and updates and to stay engaged at all times.

Here's how Workstories looks like on a laptop. A little preview appears on top of any opened app and leads you through corporate news without distraction. A fast click and all the top corporate content is right there on your device.
Workstories is filled with features covering the most challenging daily tasks of any internal communications specialist.

  1. Instant analytics

Track your team engagement in real time. Views, likes, comments and conversions available right at the time of broadcasting.

2. Quick surveys and tests.

Make sure you are on the same wavelength with your team by doing regular polls and feedback overview. Learn about their worries and challenges and make them feel your support.

3. Content management in one convenient place

Upload necessary templates, media, text and keep them safe in our cloud storage, ready to be used at all times. This will ease the process of stories creation and cut the time you spend on regular communications.

4. Easy personalisation

Internal communications need to be relevant to attract as much employee attention as possible. Target your corporate stories through tags and groups and to personalise every message you send out.

How is Workstories different from all the other communication channels you are already using?

  • Bright templates available for corporate branding will highlight your company's identity and attract more attention;
  • Pop-up notifications will cut through any opened app or browser to get your message to where it's needed;
  • Instant reactions will identify team's thoughts and impressions and will let you stay connected;
  • Teaser format will reduce the time spent on reading corporate news from 30 minutes to a few seconds;
  • Stories archive will save all of your important messages. Forget about the mass in your company's chat;
  • Special atmosphere of engagement, loyalty and support with thoughtful birthday and holiday stories.

5 simple steps to create your corporate stories:

1. Choose a pre-designed template or create your own.
2. Upload the content, add the text and necessary data.
3. Assign the schedule and groups of employees for the broadcast.
4. Start broadcasting your story to employees.
5. Measure effectiveness through graphs and metrics.

Available on any device

Stay connected at all times — wherever and whenever you are. Choose where you want to broadcast your stories or combine all the channels at once.
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Any screen at your office
  • Digital Signage
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