Workstories – Engage everyone in your organization

Talk to your whole organization

Share important info through Workstories. So it’s perfect for building your organizational culture.

Video stories

Select a template and upload images and text.

Data-driven stories

Connect your CRM for auto content generation.

Interactive stories

Use a survey template and collect feedback quickly.

On personal
mobile devices

For remote employees use the Workstories app to broadcast corporate TV with short engaging stories via personal tablets and phones.

On laptops in screensaver mode

Automatic switching to corporate TV broadcasting when an employee is not working on a laptop. For example, he takes a coffee break or has some snacks.

Сontrol panel
on Home TV

Managers want to get real-time information at remote work. Create automated dashboards and mix them with useful content. Don't forget to ask your family 🙂

In all offices on
any digital devices

In meeting rooms, canteens, reception and elevators. Engage, train, and motivate your employees. Show company news, goals, and achievements in the working space.

Teasers for corporate news and announcements

Workstories increase retention in any channels you’re already using
for communication, like Microsoft Teams, Slack or your corporate messenger.

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Constructor for creating corporate Stories with personalization by departments of your company.
Connect your employees to your business goals and values. Highlight the important and empower your corporate communications.


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