Workstories in Fashion Company: Created a Unified Internal Communication Channel

07 October, 2022
Unfortunately, we can not disclose the name or any sensitive information about our client, but we decided to post this case impersonally and changed names and photos but kept original content formats used by the client.

Our client is Netherlands-based fashion company, which area of business is manufacturing, management and promotion of clothing and beauty white label brands.

The company employs more than 200 employees, divided into the main office, manufacturing and IT department. Some employees work in hybrid mode and come to the office only 2 or 3 days a week. The client's problem is quite common - the lack of a unified communication channel. Different departments used different channels for internal communication: designers used WhatsApp, office workers used Teams, and the IT team used Slack. Of course, everyone has email and sometimes all the employees gathered for general town hall meetings. Still, day-to-day communication between departments was practically absent or was too inconvenient and slow.
Since inter-department communication was forced to be carried by mail, this channel began to be perceived as official, and, according to HRD Julia, employees negatively perceived any messages that were not critical for work.
Employees complained about internal mailings. They are not interesting to everyone and may interfere with searching for the necessary mail in the inbox.
With Workstories, there are no such problems, because Stories are not intrusive, not formal, and do not interfere with employees' work.

Because of this, the company could not congratulate employees on their birthdays, talk about new successful projects, partnerships, or events not related to work. That is, about everything that creates a friendly and cosy atmosphere in the company. Thus, the client needed a communication channel that allows them to share information with all employees in an unobtrusive manner.

Another goal for Workstories was to unite the team. Since there was no single channel of communication, employees did not know their colleagues from other departments well. With the help of corporate Stories, the client wanted to introduce employees to each other.

Results of Workstories implementation

We tested Workstories in a pilot format for 30 employees for two months. As a result of the pilot project, the client realized that Stories do not cause negativity and allow sharing of information in a convenient format, so they extended the subscription.
When the pilot ended, the staff began to ask: "Where did the Stories go?"
Awareness has increased, and the burden on HR has become lower. There used to be a lot of questions, but now everyone sees everything with a single message.

After the introduction of Workstories, the company was able to broadcast engaging and entertaining content: company achievements, surveys, and holiday greetings. In the future, they plan to add educational content and personalized content within departments.

The time spent on creating and distributing corporate content has not increased, but the efficiency has improved. And now the company has a channel that allows it to build and develop a corporate culture.

How Workstories can help you

The Workstories platform allows you to combine internal communications in a company using the Stories format. Corporate Stories are easy to create and broadcast on any device: computers, smartphones and TV panels in the office. It is convenient for an employee to view Stories in a few seconds, which will save time on getting acquainted with the main news while allowing them to be aware of important events and changes. And thanks to the pop-up teaser format, important information will never go unnoticed!

Interactive Stories will increase the engagement of both office and remote employees, which makes Workstories a great tool for hybrid teams too. You can also conduct surveys and tests, and follow the results in the built-in engagement and feedback analytics.
We invite you to sign up for a short online meeting with our specialist, during which you will learn all about the capabilities of Workstories and discuss the process of implementing the platform in your company.
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