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18 March, 2022
Unfortunately, we can not disclose the name or any sensitive data about our client, but we decided to post this case impersonally.

Our client is one of the leading companies in the metal production industry in its region. The corporate group unites several manufacturing sites accounting for more than 25,000 employees in total. In its efforts to improve internal processes, our client developed a platform called "Karma". It puts a person in the centre of the workplace. Every encounter and task in the company is treated as a request from the customer and after each encounter employees are encouraged to give feedback to their colleagues and mark their performance. All marks are added up to company-wide rating where departments are competing to be more client-oriented.

The client contacted us looking for a tool to inform the employees about this new platform and to provide a way to display ratings to all departments.

Six specialists were responsible for the implementation and work with the platform: a project manager, 2 technical specialists and 3 content managers.

The full implementation of the platform took six months, starting with the installation of display equipment and training of employees, until the end of testing and full launch.

Prior to the start of the Workstories pilot, employees learned corporate information mostly from offline sources

Implementation of the "Karma" platform required serious work on various areas of the company's life and the involvement of the entire team in the process of transformation, including production workers - the most massive audience, which, at the same time, is not covered by modern communication channels.

Before the start of the pilot, we studied how well employees are aware of the transformation program that has begun and what or who is the source of information on this topic. The study showed that the majority of production workers received corporate information mainly from offline channels:

Only 28% knew that the client-centric transformation program "Karma" was adopted, and another 36% had heard something about it. Almost 30% of respondents knew only the name, but did not understand its essence and their role in this process:
It became obvious that a tool was needed that would allow the company to convey information to employees as quickly and accessible as possible.

Five goals were set before the implementation of Workstories:

  1. Implement innovative methods of communication using modern channels.
  2. Provide corporate information to employees who have no access to digital channels of internal communications.
  3. Simplify the delivery of content to digital screens in crowded places.
  4. Involve employees in corporate transformation programs through relevant content.
  5. Raise the level of employee awareness of the goals and objectives of "Karma" and involve them in the use of a digital service to assess internal customer-centricity.

Infrastructure to inform employees and raise their engagement

The Workstories pilot can be divided into two global streams. The first is the infrastructure for demonstrating internal customer-centricity rankings, which are unloaded directly from the "Karma" platform. The second is a Digital Signage format with a focus on content about transformation.

Service for assessing the customer-centricity of employees

"Karma" allows employees to give their colleagues feedback and assess their performance in 6 categories. This form of feedback allows workers to see strengths and weaknesses, analyze them, try to be better and increase the level of internal customer-centricity of the company.

To promote "Karma", branded stands and tablets were installed. The screens display real-time ratings from colleagues according to six criteria and the rating of departments with the best employees.

Digital Signage platform

Digital Signage combines two types of content: automatic and exclusive. Automatic content is pulled from the internal corporate portal, and media platforms. Also, corporate Stories about the transformation program are created exclusively for the translation via Workstories digital signage platform.

Content covers the strategic development of the company, customers and innovations that are being introduced to improve customer experiences and experiences.

Some of the content is educational. Employees are introduced to the terms that will be encountered in the communications of a customer-centric company, such as customer experience or agile. There are interactive Stories that allow, among other things, to give feedback using QR codes: "Book of the week", "App of the week", "Feedback". The first two lead to specific books in the corporate library, and the videos in the "Feedback" section provide an opportunity to participate in surveys via the link:
Workstories platform allowed to create the necessary infrastructure for both streams and develop templates for three formats: vertical and horizontal screens, as well as tablets. The platform made it possible to remotely fill broadcast networks, continuously broadcast content and manage it.

The Workstories team accompanied the client at all stages and in all aspects of the project. For example, together we determined the most suitable player models for pilot testing and purchased screens with a video analytics system. Video analytics allows the client to subtly analyze employees' emotions from viewing content.

Increased employee coverage by 16%

At the time of the start of the pilot, 56% of the workers of the manufacturing division were outside the modern communication channels. We set ourselves the goal of increasing knwoledge about the transformation program by at least 15% and achieved it. The new communication channel proved to be effective - this is confirmed by the data of the second survey:
Screens in canteens were ranked fourth among sources of corporate information. It is also worth noting that interest in the corporate portal has grown, which has become available to everyone.

The level of awareness about the client-centric transformation program "Karma" has doubled:

How Workstories can help your company

Workstories platform allows you to unite corporate communications in a company using the Stories format. Corporate Stories are easy to create and broadcast on any device: computers, smartphones and TV panels in the office. It is convenient for an employee to watch Stories in just a few seconds, which will save time on getting acquainted with the main news, while still allowing him to be aware of important events and changes. And thanks to the pop-up teaser format, important information will never go unnoticed!

Interactive Stories will increase the engagement of both office and remote employees, which makes Workstories a great tool even for hybrid teams. You can also conduct surveys and tests, and view the results in the built-in analytics tool.

We invite you to sign up for a short demo with our specialist, during which you will learn all about the capabilities of Workstories and discuss the process of implementing the platform in your company.
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