ASBIS: Brand Image Content in Office with Workplace Digital Signage

19 October, 2022

ASBIS Enterprises Plc, a leading Value-Added Distributor, developer and supplier of IT and IoT products, solutions and services in the growing markets of Europe, Middle East and Africa

We are long-term partners of ASBIS and its subsidiary Prestigio Solutions. Among their products are digital screens, conference room equipment, interactive kiosks, and cameras that organizations around the world, including our clients, can use to broadcast Digital Signage. ASBIS approached us to set up displays and create a unified network for broadcasting corporate content at the headquarters in Cyprus and branches in Europe and Asia.
The screen at the reception (left) welcomes guests and shows brand information
The screens had to be located in key locations - places of congestion for office guests and employees. Most of the screens were placed at the company's main office in Limassol, Cyprus. The screens were also placed in the company's international offices in Chech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Georgia, and other countries. Screens in more than 10 company offices are connected via single network and can be controlled remotely by one person.

Most of the screens are placed on receptions and are designed to broadcast brand image content about ASBIS for customers, partners, and employees. But in larger offices, screens are also located in halls and meeting rooms.
We have a single playlist for all screens. We regularly create new content and add it to the broadcast. But on special occasions, such as holidays or during events, individual offices may include unique content just for them. This is easy to do, since all devices are controlled by a single online CMS, and the Workstories interface is simple and functional.

Manager for internal communications, ASBIS

Content examples

Typically, content is created at the central office for all screens at once, so it contains information that is relevant for all employees and guests. Generally it is data about partnerships and awards received by the company.

Workstories for communication with office guests and partners

ASBIS works with a large number of partners, whose representatives regularly visit the company's offices to negotiate and sign contracts. Therefore, an important case of using Workplace Digital Signage from Workstories is broadcasting content about the company and demonstrating the possibilities of Digital Signage equipment from Prestigio.

Headquarters have an area with a museum of ASBIS history, where the key stages of the company's development are presented, as well as two multi-boards (large screens) with corporate content.

How Workstories can help you

The Workstories platform allows you to unite internal communications in your company. Stories are easy to create and broadcast on any device: Digital Signage, computers and smartphones. It is convenient for an employee to view Stories in a few seconds, which will save time on getting acquainted with the main news while allowing them to be aware of important events and changes. And thanks to the pop-up teaser format, important information will never go unnoticed!

Interactive Stories will increase the engagement of both office and remote employees, which makes Workstories a great tool for hybrid teams too. You can also conduct surveys and tests, and follow the results in the built-in engagement and feedback analytics.
We invite you to sign up for a short online meeting with our specialist, during which you will learn all about the capabilities of Workstories and discuss the process of implementing the platform in your company.
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