Corporate Communications Using Screens in the Office. 5 Key Features of Corporate Digital Signage

18 August, 2022
Digital Signage allows the use of screens and interactive panels in the office to inform and increase employee engagement. In this article, we will highlight 5 critical features that differentiate modern platforms from their predecessors.

How corporate Digital Signage works

Corporate Digital Signage is a technology for interacting with employees and visitors using screens in the office. It is essentially a modern version of information boards with paper announcements and company news. It works like this - a set-top box (usually on Android or Windows) is connected to the screen, on which the content will be broadcasted. If earlier organizations used pre-prepared video and photo materials that were downloaded to a flash drive and constantly played, now thanks to the internet and new technologies, content can be created online and sent to tens and hundreds of devices simultaneously within minutes.

Modern platforms for Digital Signage (for example, our Workstories product) allow not only to broadcast static content or simple videos, but also to conduct truly interactive communication, add QR codes, support touch screens and info kiosks, and even video analytics - using a camera connected to the device to evaluate the number of employees who have viewed the content and their emotions. All these features have migrated from Digital Signage products for retail and can be effectively used for internal communication in an organization.

The introduction of a modern platform for interaction with office employees will increase key HR metrics: employee engagement and motivation, retention in the company, employee awareness, corporate portal visits, survey completion rate, and satisfaction with the work environment.

In this article, we will analyze 5 important features of modern Digital Signage platforms that will convince you to consider implementing such a solution in your company.

5 features of corporate TV

  1. Modern and engaging content
  2. Saving time and resources on posting and viewing content
  3. Analytics of views and video analytics of reactions
  4. Teaser format
  5. Developing an HR brand and increasing employee loyalty

Modern and engaging content

Stylish and thoughtful content templates allow you to focus on content without worrying about design or element placement. The format of short interactive materials, which we call corporate Stories, conveys information to employees in a few seconds, providing up to 100% awareness. Employees will be aware of all important events and news by absorbing information "in the background" through screens in recreation areas, canteens or lobbies.

Also, using the template designer, you can create any templates for your special needs in your corporate style and upload them to the platform. A variety of formats and bright design will not let employees get bored and they will always be interested in what's new in the company.

Saving time and resources on posting and viewing content

Through a centralized Content Management System (CMS), you can create and distribute content to a large number of devices at once. Tags, media plans and other targeting options allow you to quickly send content to specific screens where it will be relevant. For example, only in one office or for certain departments. Content can be saved, reused and edited on the go. And advanced platforms allow you to automate the process almost completely, for example, configure the import of department or employee KPIs from CRM into pre-made templates. Thus, you can set up the streaming of a dashboard with a sales plan automatically and the data will always be up to date.

Employees will save time because they will not need to search for information, it will come to them by itself and will always be in sight, while not distracting from the work process.

View analytics and video analytics

Corporate Digital Signage from Workstories supports video analytics. You can connect a camera to the screen, and the system will track how many people stopped to look at the screen, determine their gender and emotions. All data gets to you on the platform, where it can be tracked and downloaded in an Excel format. Analytics allows you to monitor the interest of the audience in different types of content. Based on this data, you will be able to improve your internal communication and influence employee engagement in the most effective way.

Teaser format

Not all employees are interested in all the content from the company, which is usually posted on the corporate portal. But at the same time, many HR departments have KPIs for increasing portal traffic and raising staff awareness. It would be wrong to simply share everything with the staff in hopes that something will interest them. It would be much more correct to save the time of colleagues while trying to interest them with short announcements. To do this, you should use the teaser format.

Teaser is a short message describing the content of the material - article, survey or event. From our experience, we know that a short introduction and a link to the full article work more effectively in increasing the CTR. Using Digital Signage, you can share links in a QR code format so that employees can quickly jump to the information they are interested in, without wasting time sorting through mail or chats and without "wandering" through the (often inconvenient) corporate portal.

Developing the HR brand and increasing employee loyalty

Stylish and interactive Digital Signage in the office will give employees and guests the feeling of a modern and advanced company. Also, employees will certainly appreciate the variety and convenience of corporate content, as well as the employer's concern for their time. As a result, the use of a modern DS platform can affect staff loyalty, retention, and the overall impression of office guests from your organization.

Digital Signage from Workstories

All the features described in the article are available to users of the Workstories platform and even more! For example, content from TV panels and interactive kiosks can also be broadcasted to employees' computer screens in the form of a screensaver (when an employee moves away from the computer, Stories start playing on the screen).

Digital Signage technology from, used on the Workstories platform, has shown its effectiveness and is trusted by such companies as Tikkurila, Metro Cash and Carry, Mubashir, OTP Bank and others. We know how to create complex Digital Signage networks and are ready to tell you more about our product. We invite you to a short demo meeting with our specialist, where you can ask your questions and get acquainted with the possibilities of implementing Workstories in your company.

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