About us

Workstories is a Displayforce.ai project that got a boost due to the pandemic when lockdown pushed us to apply our technology in a revolutionary way and bring Digital Signage to home offices of employees.

Now Workstories allows to share corporate content to TV screens in offices and manufacturing sites as well as to computers and phones. Content created and distributed through Workstories engages, motivates and brings together employees of many companies all over the world.

The built-in analytics platform and video analytics allow you to monitor the effectiveness of internal communication, determine what content is most interesting to employees, and collect feedback in the form of surveys, tests, and reactions to posts.

Number of screens managed by our software platforms

Over three years our parent company Displayforce.ai has connected more than 40,000 touchpoints for 200 medium and large customers with 10+M daily audience. Dixons Kotsovolos, Blue Bell Digital, Mubashir, Apple are among our users. Intel, Asbis Enterprises, Microsoft are among our valued partners.
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Meet our founders

  • Lina Fleitman
    CEO & Co-founder
  • Serge Galeev
    CPO & Cо-founder
  • Alex Rekish
    CTO & Co-founder