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Personalized Corporate TV on desktops for boosting employee engagement

A simple widget for streaming corporate content in
"stories" format
What employees you want to engage with?
Remote employees
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Share video messages on screensaver mode
Motivate with KPIs and results
Create personal bond
Office workers
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Create comfortable atmosphere
Form company culture
Share team achievments
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Spend only 30 seconds on corporate stories instead of 40 minutes on the overloaded inbox
Workstories in 75 seconds
Personalized communication approach: send stories only to those, who'll take them seriously
Centralised admin panel
Create corporate stories, manage media plan, store content and analyse efficiency in one convenient place
Scheduled display time
Create your own timetable — corporate stories will never be late
Personalise your stories depending on the position or department of your colleagues
Dynamic pop-up format
Stories won't interfere with current tasks and will inform your team without having to visit external resources
Instant analytics
Statistics on views and clicks, results of surveys and tests - track team's engagement in real time
Communication through any screen
Corporate TV, desktops or mobile devices — Workstories will unite your team wherever it is located
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