Critical alerts, important news, interesting events in personalised Stories format.

Engage your team without distracting them from work

See profit ($) you'll get from Workstories implementation

Increase employee engagement up to 100%

Work effectiveness
Employees stays in the company
40 min
1 min
More work done — less mail and messengers
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Corporate Digital Signage now goes beyond the office

We've expanded the boundaries of regular communications. Corporate digital signage now covers both office based and remote employees!
Office TV panel
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Communications channel that will definitely be read

Stories is an engaging format you want to watch. So you can be sure that all important news will be read.

Send critical alerts

Send important alerts to a specific department, position or job which needs completing.

Familiarise your team with important documents

Send Stories when you need your team to necessarily get familiar with important documents.

Show data from dashboards

Important metrics that your teams follow. In Stories format and updated automatically.
Create good-looking and engaging corporate content quicker than ever.

Internal communications that don't take weeks to prepare

Use any of the 30 premade Stories templates

Save lots of your employee's time on managing internal communications. Preparing Stories for a week – 30 minutes.

Run important (or funny) surveys

What corporate party to hold? Is the new app good? Is everyone vaccinated? Get answers in surveys!

Get detailed analytics

Who commented on Story? Who didn't take part in a survey? You can check it in built-in analytics.

Corporate culture you like working in

Increase employee engagement with eye-catching format of sharing news, surveys and videos.

Onboard new employees

Make onboarding Stories sequence once and use it forever!

Congratulate on holidays

No employee will leave without birthday congratulations. Everybody will know it with Stories.

Share goals and achievements

Tell about achievements of departments and specific employees, share plans, be a team!

Raise employee engagement

up to 100%
Work efficiency
Employee retention
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New take on internal communications

Views, reactions, feedback analysis
Your corporate style
Personalisation of all news
Flexible content creation
Only key information